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Privacy policy

When using this website and/or providing personal details to Palmaria Mallorca S.L., the customer agrees and authorises the processing of all personal information in the manner as set forth in this policy in accordance with legislation in force. Additionally, customer consent authorises Palmaria Mallorca S.L. to gather, deposit, administer, modify, update and order personal information. Should the customer disagree with this policy, we ask that he refrains from using this website and from providing personal details to Palmaria Mallorca S.L.

Palmaria Mallorca S.L. by law may be obliged to disclose customer details to certain authorities or third parties, such as courts of law and legal bodies and, if necessary, to security and police services of countries in which we operate or third parties acting on our behalf. We may also disclose and use personal details in accordance with legislation in force in order to defend the legitimate interests of Palmaria Mallorca S.L., for instance, in civil or criminal proceedings.


The policy of Palmaria Mallorca S.L. is to request that minors refrain from making purchases or take part in business dealings with our products and services without parental or guardian consent, unless allowed by applicable legislation.


The acceptance of this policy implies that you, as a customer, are of legal age and capable of accepting and undertaking said policy under the terms and conditions herein.